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PRE Track Days Policies and Procedures


Welcome to P.R.E. Track Days.

Track days are a great way to improve your riding by honing your skills in the closed course environment of a racetrack. However, track days are not intended to be the place where you actually learn how to ride a motorcycle. The speeds at the track are greater than what you would normally experience on the street. Before participating you need to be proficient in the fundamentals of operating your machine. You should be able to comfortably ride in traffic, on highways, interstates, and back roads.

Below you can find the requirements for participating in a PRE Track Days event. We cover our policies and procedures and provide information that will answer most of the questions you might have. We ask that you read these policies and procedures carefully so that you fully understand what is required. If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. PRE Track Days does not rent motorcycles or safety gear.

Ticket Sales

Each time you purchase a ticket on this website you must agree before completing the transaction that you have read all of our policies and agree to the terms.

Ticket sales for each track day end at 12:00 am the day of the event. All tickets must be purchased online at our website at There are no ticket sales available at the track on the morning of the track day.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Event Registration

  • Space is limited to a predetermined number of participants for each group. Once a group is sold out no more spots will be made available. We can place you on a waiting list in the event someone needs to sell their ticket.
  • All riders must register under their own account which contains important information that might be required in the event of an emergency. A single rider cannot purchase two tickets for the same track day using a single account. If you wish to purchase a ticket for someone else you must do so using the other persons account.
  • Registering more than ten days in advance of an event ensures you pay the early registration discounted rate which is a savings of $25 per day. This discount is automatically applied to your order.
  • Regular event pricing goes into effect 10 days before each event. In order to get the best possible pricing and ensure your registration you should register as early as possible.
  • You can register online at
  • All participants must be at least 16 years of age. Participants younger than 18 years of age must have a have a parent or legal guardian present at all times, and the parent or legal guardian must sign the minor’s liability release form. We cannot allow riders under the age of 16 regardless of their experience.

P.R.E. Memberships

  • P.R.E. Memberships are valid for one riding season only, and expire at the completion of the final event each year.
  • P.R.E. Memberships are not refundable or transferable to another rider, and events purchased with any PRE Membership are not transferable to any other rider, unless both riders have the same (or greater value) membership.
  • P.R.E. Memberships are only valid for use toward P.R.E. events, and are not valid toward any private events, shared events, or events with any P.R.E. partners.

Cancellations and Transfers

  • Cancellations will be accepted, and a refund given up to 11 days before an event. A processing fee of $10 for each cancelled track day event will be applied to all cancellations.
  • No cancellations will be accepted, and no refunds given less than 11 days before an event. No transfers are allowed in this period except for transferring your day to another rider. There are no exceptions to this policy for any reason.
  • At any time prior to the start of the event you may sell or transfer your spot to another rider provided that rider is in the same group classification.  If the event was originally purchased with a membership then the buyer must have a P.R.E. membership of equal, or greater value than the seller.
  • Events purchased with a P.R.E. membership cannot be transferred to a non member.
  • When transferring an event to another rider you must notify P.R.E. customer service at least 24 hrs prior to the event. We will always work with you to secure a transfer to another rider, but we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to receive your request if we’ve already left for the track (the reason for the 24 hour notice requirement).

Store Credits, Gift Certificates, and Promotional Items

  •  P.R.E. store credits, gift certificates, and coupon codes, are not transferable under any circumstance; however store credits and gift certificates do not expire and are good until such time as they are used. Promotional coupons do expire and are good only for the year in which they are issued.

Weather Policy

  • All P.R.E. events run rain or shine. At the tracks discretion an event may be cancelled due to inclement weather. If a track cancels an event a make up day will be scheduled. The make up day is the only remedy for any cancelled event. You can sell or transfer your spot to another rider in the event of a weather related cancellation, but credits will not be issued in the event a rider can’t attend the make up day.

Pet Policy

  • Pets are allowed at P.R.E. events provided the track has no policy against bringing pets onto the premises. VIR, NC Bike, Road Atlanta, and Carolina Motorsports Park all allow pets.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times if they are outside of the owners vehicle or R.V., and must be supervised by a responsible adult.
  • You must clean up after your pets at all times.

General Policies

  • All participants, their family, and their friends must conduct themselves in an acceptable manner. Anyone who becomes disruptive and/or interferes with the normal business of running a P.R.E. event will be removed from the premises. P.R.E. reserves the right to remove anyone from an event at any time. No refunds will be given to anyone who is made to leave.
  • P.R.E reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone. A participant who is refused entry will be given a refund.
  • No illegal drugs will be brought onto the premises by anyone attending a P.R.E. track day. Anyone found to be in possession of any illegal substance will subject to criminal prosecution.
  • No open alcoholic beverages are allowed in the paddock during the normal track day operational hours.
  • All decisions made by P.R.E staff are final.

Mechanical Problems and Crashing

  • Credits or refunds will not be issued for mechanical problems. If you have a mechanical problem please see the P.R.E staff and we will attempt to help you.
  • Credits or refunds will not be issued for bikes that are inoperable due to crash damage.

Liability Release

  • Every P.R.E. participant must sign a liability release form. This is a separate form from the waiver you will sign at the gate before entering the track facility.
  • The official P.R.E. event liability release form must be signed at registration the morning of your event.
  •  You acknowledge that by agreeing to the policies contained herein you are participating in a hazardous motor sports activity that could result in permanent bodily injury, death, and property damage.
  • You agree to release and hold harmless all P.R.E. staff, rider participants, and all others in attendance at the event.
  • You acknowledge that you alone are responsible for your actions and for your safety.
  • You acknowledge that you are responsible for the condition of your motorcycle and for any injuries that might result from a mechanical malfunction.
  • You acknowledge that you accept the condition of the track as is.

Track Day Procedures and Rules

Pit Set Up

Each track has a designated area (paddock) where you can set up for the day. At most tracks the paddock is similar to a large paved parking lot, but some tracks have minimal paving and you might have to park your bike in the grass. If you are unsure what to expect contact us at


Rider registration and technical inspection begin at 7:00 am each morning and close at 8:00 am. Registration will reopen for thirty minutes at 8:30 after the riders meeting is over. Registration closes for the day at 9:00 am.

Pre-registered late arrivals will be handled as our staff has time after the riders meeting. The way to ensure you don’t miss any track time is to arrive early so you can register on time.

The registration area will be clearly marked. Beginning at 7:00 am PRE staff will begin registering riders in the marked registration area. Ride your bike to the registration area. Bring your photo I.D. and all of your riding gear including helmet, gloves, leathers, boots, and back protector. At registration we will have you sign the liability waiver, check you in, and give you a color coded event wristband. All of this will be accomplished without you needing to get off of your motorcycle. You can then proceed immediately to technical inspection. Registration for Advanced group is at 7:00 am, registration for Intermediate group is at 7:20 am, and registration for Novice group is at 7:40 am.

Technical Inspection Requirements

Technical inspection opens at 7:00 am for the Advanced group, 7:20 am for the Intermediate group, and 7:40 am for the Novice group. Tech closes at 8:00 am. Late arrivals will be handled as our staff has time. The way to ensure you don’t miss any track time is to arrive early so you can have your equipment inspected before 8:00 am. We ask that all participants come to tech at their assigned time.

Your bike should be in good mechanical condition with no fluid leaks. The following is a list of items that will be checked:


  • Motorcycles must be suitable for use on a race track and have wheels at least 16″” in diameter. All motorcycles must provide suitable ground clearance for extreme lean angles.
  • All motorcycles must display a two (or more) digit number 5″ to 6″ in height, in a contrasting color to the motorcycle, so that they are visible to track corner marshals. Numbers can be displayed on the front, the sides, and the rear of the motorcycle. Any of these locations is acceptable as long as the numbers are visible to track corner marshals when the bike is straight up and down as well as while leaned over. Numbers can be made from vinyl decals, paint, tape, or with a Sharpie as long as the requirements for height and contrast are met.
  • Dual sport, dirt bikes, cruisers, and very small displacement motorcycles will not be allowed, with the exception of VIR Patriot Course where we have a special class designated for small displacement motorcycles.  Dirt bikes set up as motards with street wheels and tires will be allowed at some tracks. Twin cylinder motards are allowed at all tracks. Electric motorcycles are not allowed at Carolina Motorsports Park. Please contact P.R.E. if you are unsure if your motorcycle qualifies.
  • Tires must have a minimum of 50% tread life remaining
  • Front and rear brakes must be in good working condition.  Brake pads will be visually inspected for wear. Any brake pads deemed too thin will not pass inspection.
  • All lenses, reflectors, lights, and glass must be taped over securely. Lights should be disconnected or taped in such a way that no light shows through. For Intermediate and Advanced group riders the mirrors must be removed. For Novice group riders the mirrors can stay on your bike provided they are securely taped over and folded in.
  • All handle bars must have bar ends. No sharp or pointy bar ends, levers, foot pegs, or bolts will be allowed. Bars and foot pegs should be tight, shift linkage should be tight, as well as all other bolts and fasteners.
  • Devices meant to protect the motorcycle frame in the event of a crash such as frame sliders, cages, and crash bars are allowed only if they do not extend out further than the motorcycles foot pegs. If a device extends straight out as with a frame slider the end must be fixed with a rounded slider material such as delrin, hard plastic, or aluminum.
  • No broken brake or clutch levers will be allowed. Levers should be in good working condition with ball ends intact.
  • Fork seals must be in good condition with no leaks.
  • Chain tension should allow for easy compression and extension of your motorcycle’s suspension. This is looser than what you would normally use for street riding. If you are unsure about this requirement please ask one of our staff and we’ll be happy to help you.
  • Wheel weights must be taped over, and valve stems must have caps.
  • License plates must be removed, or have the licenses plate mounting bolts securely taped and secured.
  • Advanced group riders are required to have their oil filter, oil drain bolt, and oil fill cap safety wired. Safety wiring is a good practice for all groups, but it is only required for Advanced riders.
  • Intermediate and Advanced group riders must use a non-glycol based coolant, water, or water containing water wetter. Coolant containing any form of glycol is not acceptable. Water, or water with water wetter, is recommended. If you are unsure if your coolant meets this requirement check the labeling on the bottle to see if it says glycol anywhere in the description. If it does it’s not allowed. Regular antifreeze is acceptable in the Novice group but it is highly recommended that you run water.
  • All cameras must be securely mounted to the motorcycle with a sturdy mount so that the camera cannot come loose or fall off. A tether, such as safety wire or a zip tie is required to ensure the camera stays attached to the motorcycle in the event that the mount breaks. Camera mounts will be inspected at tech. A camera can only be used if it is secured to your motorcycle. Cameras are not allowed to be attached to your body or helmet under any circumstance.

Safety Gear

  • Your helmet must be a good condition, DOT, Snell, ECE, or BSI certified full face helmet. Helmets that have crash damage or scratching that goes through the paint will not be allowed.
  • Flip face helmets, or any modular type helmet are not allowed.
  • Non OEM devices are not allowed to be affixed to any helmet while on the race track. This includes cameras, helmet mohawks, bike to bike communicators, or any other device that is not part of the helmet as delivered from the manufacturer.
  • Motorcycle specific riding boots that extend above the ankle are mandatory and must fasten by means of a buckle or zipper. Boots that lace up are not permitted. Heavily armored boots are recommended.
  • Gloves must be motorcycle-specific gauntlet style gloves that extend above the wrist and can be cinched tight by means of a Velcro or snap style strap. Gloves must be in good condition with no holes, tears, or loose stitching. Armored gloves manufactured for racing purposes are recommended.
  • One or two piece motorcycle specific leather suits are mandatory. Suits of two piece design must have a full circumference zipper, and be worn with both parts zipped together at all times while on the track. Suits must be in good condition with no holes, or significant previous crash damage. Stitching should not be frayed.
  • Back protectors are required for Advanced and Intermediate group riders.
  • Chest Protectors are not required but strongly recommended.
  • Mesh and textile riding gear is not allowed. All suits must be leather.
  • Knee sliders that create sparks when touching down are not allowed.
  • You should inspect your motorcycle and gear carefully prior to bringing it to tech. We take the technical inspection of all equipment seriously. If you are prepared you will move quickly through tech and be ready for your day. Refunds are not given for anyone who fails technical inspection.

Riders Meeting

At 8:05 a.m. each morning there will be a mandatory riders meeting for all registered participants. The riders meeting usually lasts about twenty-five minutes and covers information that is important for the safety of all riders. Procedures, flags, rules, and track information will all be covered. Any riders not in attendance will not be allowed on the track and refunds will not be given.


All participants must understand and follow all flagging procedures.

  • Green Flag – Track is hot, riders are on the course
  • White Flag – One lap remaining in the session
  • Checkered Flag – The session is over. Exit the track at Pit In on this lap.
  • Yellow Flag – Something is happening ahead that requires attention. Pay attention and be alert for a potential hazard. There is no passing allowed under a yellow flag.
  • Red Flag – The session has to be stopped immediately. Signal with your hand or foot, ease off the throttle, continue around the track at a safe pace and exit the track. No passing is allowed. Follow the instructions of the grid marshal once you exit the track.
  • Black Flag – If the black flag is displayed to you, there is an issue with your motorcycle that is serious enough to warrant having you pull off the track. The black flag is displayed by the corner worker pointing at you, and then snapping it over his shoulder. If you are black-flagged, you should first signal to the riders around you either with your hand or with your foot, ease off the throttle, move off the race line, and move off the track and into the grass as soon as it is safe for you to do so. Once in the grass, get as far away from the track as you can. Do not stop on the track. Lean your bike against the wall if possible and then climb to the other side.
  • Meatball Flag (Black Flag with Orange Dot)—- The grid marshal needs to speak with you. Exit the track on this lap and report to the grid marshal.

Group Placement

Riders are placed into one of three groups based on skill level.  Each group is allotted twenty minutes of track time per hour. The groups are as follows:

  • Novice – For new or lesser-experienced track riders. If you are not sure what group to start in, always select Novice.
  • Intermediate – This group is for riders who are experienced, and have become proficient at riding on a race track.
  • Advanced – The Advanced group is for very experienced riders and racers. You can only be placed into the Advanced group by one of our instructors*.

* A valid expert race license from an accredited racing organization will pre-qualify a rider for Advanced Group placement

** Our online account registration system defaults all riders to the Novice group upon the initial creation of your account. If you are an Intermediate group rider with other organizations and wish to have your group placement changed please contact PRE customer service and provide a brief summary of your track experience. For placement in Advanced group an on track evaluation, or valid expert status race license is required.

***VIR Patriot Course events include a fourth mini motorcycle group that is open to all riders. This group is limited to motorcycles 185 cc and under and runs using Intermediate group rules.

On Track Rules

By signing the liability release form, and by accepting these policies at checkout, all riders acknowledge that they agree to the following rules:

  • Riders may only enter the track with the permission of the grid marshal.
  • Riders must operate their motorcycles at all times in a manner that is safe, predictable, and courteous to other riders.
  • If you run off the track, you may not immediately re-enter. Look ahead to the corner worker and wait for his or her okay before re-entering.
  • Any rider that crashes may not continue riding until his or her motorcycle and gear have been inspected by P.R.E. staff.
  • Any any rider who crashes twice in one day will not be allowed to continue riding.
  • Failure to follow flagging instructions and/or procedures will result in that rider’s removal from the event.
  • Only riders who have registered for the event and received the official event wristband will be allowed on the track. Any non-registered rider or spectator who attempts to gain access to the track will be immediately ejected from the premises.
  • Passing rules must be followed at all times. Passing rules are as follows:
    • Novice Group: Passing is only allowed when the motorcycles are straight up and down. No passing in the turns is allowed. Passing of a coach is only allowed once the coach waves you by. Always pass a coach on his/her left side.
    • Intermediate Group: Passing is allowed anywhere that it is safe to do so, but if passing in a turn, it must be on the outside. No inside passing is allowed. Passing of a coach is allowed without a wave-by. Always pass a coach on his/her left side, or on the outside in a turn.
    • Advanced Group: Passing is allowed anywhere that it is safe to do so. Outside and inside passing are allowed provided the pass is made cleanly and safely.
    • All Groups. Under no circumstance should an overtaking rider cause another rider to have to alter their line.

Paddock Rules

  • Pit speed is limited to 5 mph.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed to ride motorized vehicles.
  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • No open alcoholic beverages are allowed in the paddock until after the track has gone cold for the day.
  • Any registered rider consuming alcohol during on track hours or using drugs will be immediately ejected from the premises.
  • All motorcycles and pit equipment must be kept inside the designated areas.
  • All other facility rules must be followed at all times.