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Who Are We?

Charles Allen is a partner and the business manager for PRE. He is a CPA, CFP, CFA, former regional bank COO, and has run many businesses successfully for over thirty years. Charles also is an avid snow skier. He loves everything business related and enjoys the challenge of making the PRE organization successful and sustainable.

Mike Ruhe is a managing partner. He is a life-long motorcycle enthusiast, control rider, amateur mechanic, and in 2014 was a member of Dane Westby’s pit crew. Mike jumped on the track in 2006 and never looked back . . . well, except when control riding.

John Allen is a partner and the President of PRE. He manages trackday operations, and has been riding on the track since 2003. Over the years he became a reasonably good rider, and in the process discovered that he enjoyed sharing what he’d learned with others. John started working with NESBA is 2008 as a control rider, and ran all of the Southeast Events for NESBA from 2010-2013. John is a custom home builder specializing in high end residential construction.

At PRE we have a group of carefully selected individuals who make up our track day staff. We are laser focused on helping PRE customers get the most out of their track day experience. Collectively we have over 200 years of track day and racing experience, and we are ready and eager to share that combined knowledge with our customers. You can view our staff bio page here.

One of our goals is to buildĀ  camaraderie in the paddock so that our riders know each other. We believe that knowing your fellow riders off the track leads to a safer event on the track. With that in mind we regularly host cook-outs for all our participants called meet-and-greets. Our hope is that this adds to the fun experience of being at the track, and facilitates getting to know other like-minded riders.

John Allen

Here are the principles that govern this organization:

We will always do our best to provide a safe venue, a professionally organized day, and a fun experience for everyone who attends a PRE track day. We are very enthusiastic about riding and it will show in the way we run our events.

We will always make safety our number one priority. We will enforce the rules of the track, and we will enhance safety through the use of Airfence at every track where it is available to us. Our motto is “All the Airfence, all the time.” This means every available piece of Airfence will be used.

We are well funded so you don’t have to worry if your track day is solidly booked. We will try to ensure that you always see our events listed on the hosting tracks website, and you can contact us, or the track at any time to verify.

We are always available to answer any questions you have, and any inquiries will be responded to promptly.

Perhaps most importantly, this new organization is one that is founded on integrity. We will always try to do what is right.

Welcome to Performance Riding Experience.

John Allen,
Performance Riding Experience